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knot rope dog toy Knot rope mastiff toy mastiff dog toy

Our mastiffs all enjoy the dog ropes and knots. We'd buy the thick ropes but Sweet Pea would always end up chewing right threw them.

So, we switched to the knotted ropes and than seemed to last longer.

But, gloves or anything left around are always great alternatives in their minds. Mastiffs seem to love kids socks! But, they are very bad for them and can clog up their insides.

kong dog toy stuffed dog toy mastiff favorite toy

The Kong is a toy my dogs are a little fickle about. They do last a long time. But sometimes I have to fill them with peanut butter and freeze them to get them interested in the toy. I use them frequently when I am leaving them for a time period. If stuffed with peanut butter, they can get messy, so I give them to them in the crates.

My dogs love stuffed animals!!!! They don't usually destroy them except for eating the eyes out.

Diesel likes to take his giant horse out in the front yard and toss it about. Frequently the neighbors actually stop to tell me there is a dead animal in my front yard. They're always embarassed to find they are stuffed.

dog pool dog stuff toy and bone mastiff dog toy

Some mastiffs love the water and others tolerate it. Diesel could spend all day playing (laying) in his pool. When we toss in some plastic toys he likes to stick his whole mouth underwater and blow bubbles while retrieving the toy.

Again, stuffed animals. These have no eyes and are made of sheepskin. Notice the nylabone sitting nice and clean on the couch. Some dogs love them. And they are supposed to be a great alternative to rawhides.

The young pups and older dogs both love these stuffed toys. They also really like the ones that make animal sounds like the ducks and hedgehog.

mastiff puppy rawhide mastiff pressed rawhide mastiff foam

The vets don't usually recommend rawhides. I have always given my mastiffs the hard pressed ones and have not had any problems.

Its fun to pick up the mastiff jowels and find a rawhide buried in there.

But, I warn you, they can get messy!!! Nothing like some rawhide foam on the couch, on the carpet, on your leg, etc.

Best mastiff toy Best mastiff toy Best mastiff toy

But, hands down!

The best toy for a mastiff...

Is another mastiff!





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